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This is so much more than advice.

This is an invitation to a way of business that few ever find, a refined ecosystem designed for your success and fulfillment. We intentionally combine immediate growth tactics with long-term guidance and a curated community to ensure your growth is significant and sustainable.

We don’t offer clever taglines. We offer concrete tactics with tangible multiples.

We don’t have one-size-fits-all products. Our solutions are made to order.

We aren’t big thought leaders. We are business operators who’ve forged a clear path to immediate and long-term success.

We are not a cult. We are a community of trailblazers seeking greater success and a richer life.

We won’t leave you hanging. We run with you for a year and, if you’ll have us, well beyond that.

This invitation is open for anyone. But it is not for everyone. We curate membership to elevate the experience and accelerate every member’s goals.

Lastly, we don’t have any rules except one: Be EPIC.

Vic Keller
Founder, EPIC

Vic is a thoughtful and insightful entrepreneur and operator. As a member of my personal Board of Directors, I have a front row seat to his stellar leadership and communication skills. I admire his ability to teach and feel grateful to have such an accomplished and genuine friend and colleague to discuss both life and career decisions with. I value his input immensely. As a high-achieving professional, Vic has mastered the art of prioritizing family while still accomplishing long-term success. He is a high-integrity individual and has been truly generous with sharing his knowledge with me.

Kelvin Beachum Jr.

Arizona Cardinals, Offensive Tackle, Nominee 2021 Walter Payton Man of the Year

Vic is a mentor, friend, and all around amazing person. His energy is addicting to be around and his accomplishments speak for themselves. If I could hand pick my team, Vic would be my first call. I’m beyond thankful and humbled to include him in my circle of trust.

Mark Owen

Mark Owen, Former SEAL TEAM Six, Author of No Easy Day and No Hero, Executive Producer for CBS SEAL TEAM, and Entrepreneur

Vic is my hero on multiple levels – husband, father, leader, friend, and business partner. He constantly learns, grows, and develops himself through thought leadership and being a thoughtful leader himself. He’s built several successful companies, including an incredibly innovative private equity investment firm with some very impressive professionals and many of the most amazing brands in America. I grab hold of any advice he offers.

Don DiCostanzo

Founder and CEO, Pedego, 2021 EY Entrepreneur of the Year

My own EPIC journey began a decade ago when Vic began mentoring me. When I joined his executive team, I couldn’t imagine the ways he would help me to grow as a professional, the opportunities he would open for me, and the career I now have because of him. His direct impact in my life has exponentially afforded me more success and fulfillment than I dreamed possible. Over the past decade, I have personally seen the effect that Vic’s caring guidance and business savvy has brought to dozens of professionals. One of his greatest joys is helping others to be successful in business and life. It is a great honor for me to be mentored by Vic.

Venessa King

Operations Specialist, Partner, KLV Capital

I’ve collaborated on the content of dozens of the world’s top entrepreneurs, executives, and thought leaders for the last 25 years, including many of the biggest names in business. I can honestly say that Vic has, far and away, the deepest well of experience and most proven, potent advice I’ve ever come across. He’s the standard of real deals.


11-time NYTimes bestselling writer and collaborator, 25 million copies sold

ARE you lost in the business maze? You don’t have to BE STUCK anymore. Master the TACTICS AND strategies YOU NEED to TAKE YOUR BUSINESS WHERE YOU'VE ALWAYS WANTED IT TO GO.


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The driven entrepreneur

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The pioneering professional

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The groundbreaking innovator

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The savvy creator

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The enterprising leader

Join aN ECOSYSTEM that wants something for you,
not from you.

Live weekly
virtual sessions

Thoughtfully curated

World-class guides, not self-promoting gurus

Exclusive in-person experiences

Members-only tools, partnerships, and resources

Personal video advice from the guides

Network of like-minded trailblazers

A community that will last your lifetime


The first eight sessions are a journey through the 4 Stages of EPIC Business Growth—Early Growth, Emerging Growth, Established Growth, and Enterprise Growth. You’ll discover proven strategies and extraordinary tactics for immediate and long-term growth that you might have missed until now. And this is only the beginning of our year together...

The Map, the Guides, and the Game Behind the Game


In Session 1, you’ll break through the fog of business and discover a path to success that you’ve never seen before. You’ll be able to accurately plot your business’s current location along that path and then clarify the challenges you must address and the tactical steps you need to take first. Finally, you’ll be given a traveling companion you’ve never had before—a business paradigm we call "the game behind the game"—that will give you an enormous competitive advantage for optimizing your business in less time with a greater sense of confidence.


  • Discover the 4 Stages of EPIC Business Growth—Early Growth, Emerging Growth, Established Growth, and Enterprise Growth—and what challenges and hallmarks define each stage.
  • Clarify your business’s location along the 4 Stages pathway. Embrace your primary challenges and commit to the specific tactical steps that will take your business to the next stage.
  • See your business, your industry, and your competition in a powerful new light that will consistently illuminate the right next steps to take.


You’ll be crystal clear on where your business stands along a proven path to success, and what immediate actions to invest your time, energy, and resources in. From this week on, you’ll also see people and business opportunities through a highly discerning perspective that will elevate your personal and leadership effectiveness and allow you to take decisive action every day. In short, you’ll have your foundation set for EPIC business growth.

Open road and a map



In Session 2, you’ll learn savvy strategies to out-brand and out-market your competition, no matter what size you are today. You’ll learn what it takes to build for where you want to be, not where you are. You’ll be given the keys to establishing a Fortune 100 identity for your business. And you’ll be given your first opportunity to embody this identity through the necessary tactical steps you identified in the previous session.


  • Learn what the most respected and beloved brands on the planet do consistently better than their competition.
  • Measure how your business stacks up against a Fortune 100 identity.
  • Identify the weaknesses and gaps in your business’s current brand identity.
  • Discover the tactical moves you can make to shore up your weaknesses and establish your own Fortune 100 identity.


You’ll have an honest gauge of the effectiveness of your business’s identity. You’ll understand the profound difference between completing tasks and framing tasks as part of a bigger activity to increase credibility in the market, respect among your competition, and loyalty among your team. And you’ll know what it means and what it takes to build for where you want your business to be, not where you currently are.

a man looking at a starry sky



In Session 3, you’ll go beyond the cash flow conversation and learn how to find your company’s real financial rocket fuel. You’ll identify your best strategy for expanding your company’s profitability right now. And you’ll get clarity about when borrowing money or bringing on investors makes sense and how to accelerate growth with the right choice.


  • Learn how to avoid the cash flow trap and identify whether you’re currently stuck.
  • Uncover your company’s ideal rocket fuel based on key variables in your business plan and current operations.
  • Discover the best financial model for your business that will accelerate your growth.
  • Identify whether or not outside investment makes sense for your company right now (it doesn’t make sense for every business) and if so, what sort of investment, with whom, and for how much.


You’ll have clarity on how to view and leverage money––yours and others'––to grow your business from whatever stage you're in. You’ll have identified the financial model that best suits your business, and how to reposition your strategy to take advantage of it. You’ll know how to leverage the right financial model to maximize profitability. And you’ll know whether your business is ideally positioned to consider outside investment from the right lender or partner. 

Bush maze

Attract High-Capacity Talent and the Best Customers


In Session 4, you’ll learn the internal and external business tactics that attract the most talented people to your team. You’ll be introduced to the ultimate X-factor that will multiply your profits and enterprise value quicker and more sustainably than any other factor. You’ll discover the path to cultivating an authentic reputation for your business. And you’ll uncover the traits of your business that mean the most to your most profitable customers.


  • Uncover the single greatest multiplier in your business: surrounding yourself with talented people. 
  • Learn tactical moves you can take right now that will make you attractive to the highly talented people you need on your team.
  • Craft compelling job descriptions and initiate journey descriptions for your team members.
  • Gauge the authenticity of your current reputation and then improve it with your team and your top customers. 


You’ll be clear about the strength of your business’s current reputation, within the company and in the marketplace. You’ll have a practical plan with clear action items to elevate your business’s reputation among the highly talented prospects that will accelerate your team’s effectiveness, and the most lucrative customers that will increase your profitability.

Lady swiping card



In Session 5, you’ll be introduced to the real meaning of enterprise value and why it’s the key to maximizing the monetary value of your business and having the option to sell your company for the highest multiple. You’ll learn which tactics ultimately create enterprise value for your business and how to make them part of your daily operations. And you’ll uncover the truth about how much your business could be worth and the wealth creation event that would represent for you and your family.


  • Learn the true meaning of enterprise value and why it should be the focus of your business growth strategy.
  • Learn the ways a business can be very profitable but still unattractive to buyers.
  • Discover the numbers in your financials that matter most and the tactics that improve them in the most efficient manner.
  • Uncover the potential value of your business, if you grow its enterprise value.
  • Discover how to use your business growth strategy as the most effective wealth creation tool of your life. 


You’ll have deconstructed the successful sale of a business to gain a clear understanding about what it takes to build a company that’s highly attractive to buyers. You’ll know the numbers that matter most and how to begin improving them right away to increase your business’s enterprise value. You’ll have mapped the path from where your business is today to its future sale or acquisition, including the tactical moves required to get there. You’ll have a picture of the generational wealth the acquisition of your business would create.

Construction worker building

Position Your Business to Scale Now


In Session 6, you’ll discover which success performance metrics you should be executing and measuring right now, based on your specific business. You’ll learn how to leverage good success metrics to scale your profitable business units. And you’ll learn how to transition your business from primary dependence on your productivity to primary dependence on your leadership. 


  • Learn which success performance metrics matter most to your business.
  • Learn how to leverage your strong results to scale your business.
  • Discover the difference between spreading your business wide and thin, and scaling your business tall and deep. 
  • Identify the units, products, services, and other key elements of your business that need refinement.
  • Embrace and elevate your role as a leader.


You’ll know which metrics to double down on and measure regularly. You’ll know how to leverage your strongest metrics for scaling opportunities. You’ll embrace the strategy required to scale your business vertically, with greater reach and deeper roots. You’ll step into your leadership role and begin optimizing the effectiveness of your team, customers, and vendors. And you’ll unleash the power of your intuition to find new opportunities inside and outside your company.

Vic at a white board

Master Situational Awareness


In Session 7, you’ll learn what separates highly intuitive businesspeople from everyone else. You’ll be ushered into the unique world of your business intuition, and how to use it well. You’ll be introduced to the difference between reacting and responding to your business circumstances, challenges, and opportunities. And you’ll learn the tactics behind building a broad network of associates and contacts to help you on your business journey.


  • Discover the value of your business intuition and how to build it over time.
  • Understand the important relational dynamics within your company.
  • Learn how to stay cool during high-pressure encounters, and uncover what’s really going on during difficult situations.
  • Learn the critical difference between being fueled by fear and being fueled by adrenaline.
  • Learn what it takes to steward your key relationships well. 


You’ll unlock a skillset that will strengthen your leadership role in the relationships that make your business thrive. You’ll be able to evaluate and quickly decipher key drivers of big business decisions and smaller, daily decisions. And you’ll see your business and the opportunities before it with a renewed vision for growth and impact.

Vic In front of a mountain

Turn the Keys to Your Business Dreams


In Session 8, you’ll peer ahead to the destination where you dream your business will arrive. You’ll map out the trip ahead of time, including the strategic and tactical details that need to occur for you to reach that destination––whether it’s selling the company, finding an ideal successor, or passing it on to your kids. You’ll learn the real characteristics—in a business and in a business leader—that today's buyers are looking for. And you’ll glean additional wisdom and tactical vision from Vic’s journey of building multiple businesses that attracted the most iconic investor in the world.


  • Identify your dream business destination.
  • Map out the hallmarks you and your business must achieve to reach your destination.
  • Learn the top characteristics buyers look for in a business and its business owner.
  • Discover what it really takes to build a business that is acquired by the best investors in the world.  


You’ll be able to compose the strategic path and tactical plan that will take your business from where it is right now to where you dream it will be. You’ll possess the tools to begin developing and embodying the unique traits necessary to optimize your business from whatever formal position you hold. And, ultimately, you’ll hold the keys to writing the EPIC business story you’ve always dreamt of.

Vic posing on a boat


Vic’s extreme range of experience across countless industries—as an entrepreneur and operator, investor, chairman, board member, corporate executive and, most importantly, mentor—unlocks an unfair vantage point in business. And it's a vantage point he loves to share.

From founding more than a dozen companies of his own, a collection of which were acquired by Berkshire Hathaway, Inc., to leading 11,000 employees for a multibillion-dollar company, Vic has a healthy obsession with helping people win at business. He knows what it takes to grow a business from any stage and any seat, from the critical tactics of sweat equity to the savvy strategy of private equity. A big believer that one-size-fits-all business advice doesn’t work, Vic is known for his accessibility and very involved approach to guidance, providing game-changing perspectives and customized tactics that help businesspeople produce immediate, sustainable results.

Vic launched his first company at twenty-six and followed with several more over the next decade. He eventually took on an executive position at the most successful conglomerate in history, gaining Mr. Warren Buffett as a business partner. During his time at Berkshire Hathaway Automotive, he created and launched the BHA Professional Development platform, which remains in use across the organization today. Vic stepped down from his executive role in 2019, to return to building new businesses and helping fellow entrepreneurs and business leaders start, lead, scale, and sell their ventures.

He is a two-time Ernst & Young “Entrepreneur of the Year” finalist, and a four-time member of the annual Inc 500 Fastest Growing Private Companies list. He currently serves as a board member of multiple organizations and the founder and CEO of several companies, including venture capital and private equity firms. He attributes his success to an intentional effort throughout his life to give more than get, and always surround himself with a diverse, clever crowd of people he can learn from. Vic and his family share time between Dallas, Texas and Whitefish, Montana.

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What is the difference between the EPIC MBA Experience and an accelerator or incubator offered by a venture capital firm?

The most important difference is that we do not select you and your business for our experience because we are aiming to make money from your venture. Our goal is and will always be to serve you and your business by offering you access to practical resources, people, and tools to optimize your business and life, including your financial standing. We take the trust you've put in us seriously and we aim to turn your investment into the best one you've ever made for your business. Our primary investment in you is our time, genuine love, and proven, tactical guidance aimed at your greatest success. If a financial investment can help you along the way, we are always willing to have an honest discussion about finding the right partner.

Does Vic offer one-on-one business coaching?

Yes, he serves as a one-on-one business mentor for business owners and leaders every year. This includes an in-person kickoff meeting, scheduled monthly video calls, and a designated email address to and from Vic. This is a limited opportunity that requires an application and a one-year commitment once accepted. For details like cost, availability, and how to apply, please write to

Can Vic be hired to speak at events?

Yes. He loves sharing with larger groups of business people in numerous settings. For these opportunities he typically focuses on speaking 10-12 times per year. For more information on keynote topics or to submit a speaking request, please write to

Does my business need to be at a certain level of revenue to be accepted?

Definitely not. While the application will ask for your recent revenue figures, we do this so that we can better meet the specific needs of each EPIC MBA member, and so that we can curate a balance of experience in each cohort, providing an optimal shared experience.

What is the actual time commitment I can expect over the course of the year?

Approximately 2-3 hours per week over the first two months. Then, approximately 4-5 hours per month for the following ten months. While the time commitment is ultimately up to you, these approximations are based on the planned meetings and events and comprise the minimum we suggest to ensure you have a highly valuable experience.

The planned events will be accentuated by opportunities to attend in-person celebrations, pop-up happy hours with Vic and surprise guests, and an always-open, members-only resource vault.

How much does the EPIC MBA experience cost?

The cost is $24,000 for the year. Once your application has been approved, we will send you a link for payment to be made via wire transfer or credit card. Note that payment must be made to reserve your spot.